Nalyze and discuss the American socioeconomic system from a sociological viewpoint

The purpose of this application is to analyze and discuss the American socioeconomic system from a sociological viewpoint. You may either analyze a television show or a movie that highlights class issues (for example a Pretty Woman,Roger and Me, or The Full Monty), or you may conduct an interview with an individual. If you decide to conduct an interview, be sure to review the section on a?Asking Questions: Survey Research,a? which is found in the chapter Sociology: Perspective, Theory, and Method of your textbook, Society: The Basics.

If you decide to analyze a television show or movie, please remember that this not a plot summary of the medium, but rather an analysis of how this television show or movie portrays class in American society. If you decide to conduct an interview, you must list at least five interview questions, with the personas response, in order to determine that personas socioeconomic status, as well as his/her perception of the consequence of this status on his or her life.

Either choice requires that you explore and analyze problems in social stratification. Because race and gender often intersect with socioeconomic status, be sure to read the following chapters in the text: Social Stratification,Gender Stratification,and Race and Ethnicity.In addition, you may utilize research found in the South University Online Library. Topics that you may address include, but are not limited to: class, culture, gender, race, and social mobility.

Information which must be included in your application project:

1. A summary of your data a either gained from the interview or from the movie or television show.

2. An analysis of your findings utilizing sociological theories and concepts regarding socioeconomic status and how it may be affected.

3. An introduction with a thesis, a conclusion that reviews all of the main points you presents, and an integration of your personal views on the topic.

Remember to use APA format for the essay style as well as in-text citations and when listing the references.

Notes from the Professor:

For this week, you are to observe either a tv show or a movie. Then, you analyze it sociologically, along the lines of socioeconomic stratification. Then, you report your findings.

In previous courses, students repeatedly review Pretty Womanfor this assignment. I am going to tell you right now that I will NOT allow you to review Pretty Woman. You may review anything else, but not Pretty Woman. If you do so, Ill refuse to award points, and Ill make you re-do your assignment.

Theres plenty of stuff out there that you can use. Try the movie How Green Was My Valleyif you need a fresh idea.

Be sure to include the following:

Introduction and a conclusion that reviews all main points you present.

Conducted an in-depth interview or analyzed a television show or a movie.

Integrated personal views on the main issue.

Related your data to the concepts and theories discussed in the textbook and/or outside resources.

Used correct grammar, spelling, and APA format throughout assignment.

Please note that after I receive the paper I will submit it to my professor at which time he may have questions that I would submit to you and kindly ask that you help me out in briefly answering them.