Nalyze Any scholarly article within the field of political science

PLS 120
Paper Assignment #1
The first paper assignment is to analyze a scholarly article within the field of political science. This paper is due on Monday, April 21 in class. No late papers will be accepted. Email submissions will not be accepted.
Basic Requirements
A strong analysis or article review will identify the following elements:
1. Thesis a What is the authoras argument?
2. Data or Evidence a What type of information does the author use to support his/her argument?
3. Methodology a How does the author use this data or evidence to support his/her argument? Please describe any models used in the analysis. Do they use a qualitative or quantitative approach?
4. Findings a Do the results support the authoras argument? Are there any counterarguments that might be better supported by the findings? Are there questions left unanswered?
Perhaps the most critical component of this assignment is to assess whether you believe this is a quality piece of political science scholarship. Please support your argument by referring to the elements listed above.
Style and Formatting
a? Papers should be between 2 and 3 pages in length
a? The paper should be single-spaced
a? Please use 12-point font
a? Please attach a copy of the article to your paper
Where to find your articlea¦..
An excellent resource is the JSTOR database, which can be found online via the NVCC library system at: