Nalyze Buffetas position from the perspectives of Marx, Weber and Bourdieu.

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Im studying for social inequality and need to write a paper about the idea of Warren Buffets position that wealthy Americans should pay much higher taxes than they currently do and that too much inequality is dangerous for society. Ill give you a two articles that shows the Warren Buffets position its pretty short and I hope you have a good sense of Karl marx, Weber, and Bourdieu.

Please analyze Buffetas position from the perspectives of Marx, Weber and Bourdieu.
Explore your thought about these inequality, defining social class, links between class and politics and describing how class works to reproduce inequality or change the status quo.

1. What would Marx, Weber and Bourdieu say about Buffetas call for higher taxes on the rich?
2. What would Weber and Bourdieu say about Buffetas class and status?
3. Focus on whatever theoretical concepts you think are most relevant in your discussion.
***Important!! please be sure to compare and contrast Marx and Weberas theories of social class and inequality and links to politics, and Bourdieuas concept of cultural capital.
4. Please explore your own thought and opinion in writing regarding above examples.
5. Need strong thesis and required clear structure of intro, thesis, bodies, and conclusion.

Links to articles:
1.Buffet, Warren. (2011) a?Stop-Coddling the Super-Richa?, New York Times, Aug. 14, 2011 (op-ed)
2. Foroohar, Rana. (2012) a?Warren Buffet is on a Radical Tracka?. Time Magazine, Jan. 23, 2012
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