Nalyze Emil Sinclairs development on the book Demianby Herman Hesse

Topic: Each mans life represents a road toward himself, an attempt at such a road, the intimation of a path. No man has ever been entirely and completely himself. Yet each man strives to become that -one in an awkward, the other in an intelligent way, each as best as he can(Hesse 2).

Assignment: Students are to pick one of the following researchers, or another researcher whom I approve, and use that researchers model of child, cognitive, human, moral, personal, or psychological development to analyze the development of Emil Sinclair in Hermann Hesses Demian.

Researcher assigend: A.R. Luria

Assessment: The Demian essays will be assessed according to specific criteria, related to thought, structure, argumentation, and support, and graded on a 1-5 scale. In order to earn a specific grade, all of the corresponding criteria must be met.

The writer has a significant claim or organizing idea and shows analytic ability, creativity, and powers of argumentations in presenting this claim in the light of alternatives.
The writer supports the primary claim with sufficient examples, details, reasons why the claim is better than alternatives, and indications of the claimas o r ideaas significance.
The writer organizes the claim and its examples, details, and alternative viewpoints so that a reader can follow as well as remain engaged.
The writer controls sentences purposefully for the level of complexity, variety, and emphasis appropriate for the claim and the reader.
The writer uses words and figures of speech so that their denotations and connotations create an appropriate tone and the effect of a writer addressing a reader.