Nalyze ethical aspects of organizational decision-making at WalMart

Paper #3

Paper #3 requires you to analyze ethical aspects of organizational decision-making at WalMart. Your paper will be based on the material in three articles on WalMart, (that can be found in Reserved Readings) and other material that you consider relevant from what has been covered over the course of the term.

The three articles are:
1) The Bribery Aisle: How Wal-Mart Got Its Way in Mexico
2) Green-Light Specials, Now at Wal-Mart
3) Off the Shelf: Behind the Greening of Wal-Mart (this is actually a book review for a book discussing environmental initiatives at Wal-Mart, but it provides useful information.)

Consider the following quote from FFF:

To improve ethical decision making in business, one must first understand how individuals make ethical decisions in an organizational environment. Too often it is assumed that individuals in organizational make ethical decision in the same way that they make ethical decisions at homes, in their families, or in their personal lives. Within the context of an organizational work group, however, few individuals have the freedom to decide ethical issues independent of organizational pressures.-FFF, p. 228

Required: Explain the organizational ethical decision making processes evident at WalMart, based on the information provided in the three articles. Be sure to refer to material that you have learned in this course when preparing your analysis. Be sure to analyze the apparently contradictory results -that is -how is it possible that WalMart has simultaneously gone a?above and beyonda? and make ethically positive decisions in the area of environmentalism/sustainability, while also making ethically questionable decisions in the Mexico case?

(FYI: You will also note that case 15 in FFF discusses WalMart.)


Estimated length a between six and eight pages

Font -double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman, with margins no wider than one inch and have no headers or footers except for page numbers

Use a cover page and a bibliography. (These are not counted in the page length requirement.)

Use APA format (6th ed.) for the citations and bibliography.

Do not include pictures, graphs, or lists in the body of the paper. (If these are needed to support facts, place them at the end of the paper in an appendix, and then reference them in the body of the paper. They will not count toward paper length.)

Begin the file name of your paper with your last name. For example a a?JonesBMGT496Paper3.docxa?


End of week 8: Midnight Sunday, Maryland time