Nalyze Hayes Twilight of the Elite: America after Meritocracy

Dear Sir, Madam,

I followed my teachers instructions and here the correction. I have got a B minus, and I aim at an A+. I have to use Blooms taxonomy, but I do not know at which level of the writing analysis, synthesis, and creative writing should occur in the essay.

The teacher says:

-My topic sentences are weak.
-My topic sentences do not introduce pathos ethos, and logos clearly.
I have not used rhetorical elements (pathos, logos, ethos) to introduce my points of view.
-My conclusion is weak.
-Language is not a master degree level.
-I did not used Blooms taxonomy. (especially the analysis, synthesis, and creative writing)

The essay expectations are:
Rhetorical Analysis of an Argument of Fact
-The big picture. Your essay must demonstrate: thorough reading in order to express your understanding of the main idea and the supporting idea in the book.
-Your essay will demonstrate that you understand the evidence the author brings to the discussion to support his ideas.
-Your understanding of CT vocabulary is important here (it might not be explicit however) as well as the language of fallacies and logic.
A significant part of the essay will be your evaluation of how successful the author has been in support of the thesis (main idea).
Throughout the essay, you should be attempting to work at the higher end of Bloomas taxonomy, which means that there should be evidence of analysis and synthesis and evaluation.
-Rhetorical components of the big picture or how we will evaluate the evidence of the factual argument your author made. Personal opinion will play a role in the essay to the extent it helps the reader to understand your evaluation of the book. Your reaction to the authoras main point and how he develops his ideas will be based on not only your careful reading but also your personal values, additional readings, and the like. I should certainly know what you think of the authors ideas and why (this is a part of the evaluation). Your ideas here should be well grounded in reading, and thoughtful reflection about the world around you (synthesis and analysis).
-Two additional readings (articles may support or contradict the authoras ideas-they should not mention the author or his book)
-MLA format
-Four relevant quotations of key passages that represent the whole text
-Discuss those quotes revealing your understanding of ideas.
-Overall discussion of how convincing the text as a whole (reflecting your reading of the entire text) that includes your personalization (original examples, other readings)
Formatting and other rhetorical features
-An introductory paragraph that specifies what the authoras main point is, and your opinion of it, and give an overview of your reasoning for your opinion..
-Body paragraphs that use PIE and have solid transitions, linking the paragraphs together.
-Use of key words and phrases that signal your rhetorical intent to the reader.
-Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
-A concluding paragraph that follows the guidelines of blooms taxonomy.