Nalyze House of Leaves in terms of literary movements, narratology, rhetoric, and aesthitcs

Analyze House of Leaves in terms of literary movements, narratology, rhetoric and aesthetics, in order to classify it or its various chapters. How is this novel different from or similar to others? Why or why not? Outcomes: Students should demonstrate complex analysis of the narrative in House of Leaves by comparing/contrasting it to other literary works, even art or music lyrics, if appropriate, by applying Aristotalean and narratological frameworks to it and by contextualizing it within the larger, historical conversation of the narrative.
5-8 pgs; MLA or APA format with citations and bibliography (not included in page count); Times New Roman 12pt; double-spaced
Use quotes (long and short) from the primary text, as well as secondary theoretical texts we have used thus far (House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, Bleak House by Charles Dickens, or The Castle by Franz Kafka.)
Display serious intellectual analysis of the narrative within the broader dialogue of artistic and literary movements.
Use a thesis statement; argue a specific perspective, inductively or deductively
Compare/contrast the authoras narrative with other past and contemporary artistsa