Nalyze how culture serves as a dividing force in the novel Mother Tongue

a?A new language is a tincture, a drop of which forever changes the chemistry of the person who is learning it,a? according to Demetria MartA­nez (Mother Tongue 187). Write an essay in which you discuss how linguistic difference, translation, or the lack thereof, leads to cultural misunderstandings between the Chicana narrator and the Salvadoran migrant in Mother Tongue. How does immigration status shape relations within a broadly defined Ethnicgroup in the U.S. context? Does Mary/Marias perception of JosA© Luis mistranslate his reality? How does JosA© Luis interpret hers? How might acknowledgment and consideration of language difference improve the work of solidarity groups like the Sanctuary Movement?

Other than the novel, I need 4 sources of literary criticism.