Nalyze how managerial changes influence OB issue: Teamwork

In view of the wide spread argument that in today s business-world change rules, this assignment aims to make students understand the importance of managing behavior within organizations under change. More specifically, the assignment is based on the analysis of how managerial shifts can affect specific individual and organizational aspects of work. The analysis will be mainly based on literature review of recently published papers (post 1995) in academic journals and magazines.
b.Each student has to produce an essay.
c.Each essay produced by students should follow a general structure:
An abstract of 150 words maximum. The abstract needs to demonstrate briefly but clearly what issue the group has analyzed as well as the main conclusions that were arrived at.
Keywords, that they will not extent the number of five (5). These keywords will demonstrate students ability to identify the key aspects of the issue under consideration.
Table of contents
Introduction, in which students will explain the purpose of the essay as well as its structure.
Main Body of Analysis, the details (sections and sub-sections) of which will be decided by each student
Conclusions, in which students will develop their personal thinking and explanations upon the issue under investigation.
References, which should be properly written (Harvard System).
d.Students are encouraged to use examples from the real business world in order to demonstrate awareness and understanding of the importance of the OB issues explored.