Nalyze Kate Speech in The Taming of the Shrew (Shakespeare)

You are to write a short paper of approximately 3 pages that incorporates critical research, close reading of text, and thoughtful analysis. You are to write on the Taming of the Shrew.

Specifically you are to analyze Kates speech to the assembled parties in Act 5. Im interested in not just your response to the speech, but Id like you to single out ONE LINE in The speech and use it as an example of what her argument is. Id like you to consult the Oxford English dictionary for vocabulary.

Remember, the link of the speech has been the subject of much speculation. Is Kate in earnest in what she says? Is she being ironic? Is this all for show? Is she an automaton, So envelopes by her submissive role that she no longer appears human?

You should consult at least one critical source for this paper and refer to it in in the body of or text. I would also like to see evidence of new historicism i?? meaning, I like to see some context for this speech. Remember that the play was written in 1590 and 1992, so Id like a little bit of research and how the speech may (or may not) be a product of the late 16th century.

MLA works cited page must be a company paper, with correct citation format. Consult the Oxford English dictionary site of Purdue University

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THIRD PARAGRAPH: Remember, the length of the speech*
FOURTH PARAGRAPH: So ID like to know a little bit*

-pick just one line out of the 60 line speech in Act 5
Have to argue what you think is the richest in analysis
Oxford Dictionary will tell you what this means in the 16th century. (imagery, vocabulary)
You canT use enotes or wiki