Nalyze logical, emotional and ethical arguments

Read Martin Luther King Jrs Letter from Birmingham jailThen look more closely at paragraph 26. Analyze the way King is using logical, emotional, and ethical arguments in this passage
Logical arguments: Try to identify whether he is using, or refuting, an inductive or deductive argument. Explain how he does this.

Emotional arguments: Try to identify the specific emotions he is trying to create in his readers in this passage. How does he create these emotions, and why might these emotions be useful in getting his audience to take his side?

Ethical arguments: What sort of impression does King create of himself in this passage? How is this particular way of representing his character useful in his attempt to persuade his audience?

In your analysis, try to explain how this passage fits into the Letteras a whole: in other words, why does King make these sorts of arguments at this point in the Letter”?