Nalyze one of the four topics provided for the essay Seeingby Annie Dillard

Ancillary 2
Seeingby Annie Dillard

Write a two to three page essay that responds to one of the listed topics. Your paper should be:

” double-spaced (a blank line between each line of text)
” one-inch margins (top, bottom, left, right)
” use 11pt or 12pt font, Times New Roman or Arial
” standard name, date, assignment  top left of the first page
o example:
Firstname Lastname
February 7, 2007
Ancillary 2

Your paper should include a title that clearly suggests what your paper is about; consider Seeing as a good model for how to title an essay.

Write  read  revise  read  revise  read  revise  read it out loud  revise

Your writing should respond to the topic. What is your topic? Why does it matter? What are you explaining to us? Ask yourself these questions throughout the writing process.

After you finish writing your paper  READ IT.

Does it have a thesis or central argument? Have you provided enough detail to make a persuasive explanation for your interpretation of the essay?

How have you formed your essay? Does each paragraph connect to your main idea or interpretation? OR Does each paragraph connect to the previous paragraph?


1. Connections Explain what Annie Dillard means by seeing. Explain what this has to do with reading and writing. When you read, what do you see for example? When you write, what do you want your audience see to pay attention to? Where did you hide a penny in your writing? Why did you put it there? How do you make your writing shine?

Or have you made it shadowy. You can use  In Praise of Shadows. How do these two essays explain seeing?

2. Nature Explain how Annie Dillard uses nature in this essay. How does this help her understand reading, writing, and seeing? How does it help you?

3. Select a passage from the book. The passage should be no longer than one or two pages. Do a close reading of the passage and carefully, in exhausting detail analyze the passage such that you give it meaning (or has the author done that for you?). As part of this act of making meaning, explain how this particular passage relates to or helps you understand the whole essay. What is its significance or its implications for the essay and for reading and writing?

4. Seeing. Seeing is the story of a woman explaining how she sees. Throughout the essay she tells you what she sees and how she sees. What is it that she has learned about seeing? How has she learned it? Why does it matter to her or you or me? What is the point of Seeing?