Nalyze possible problems associated with reintegration after prisonization.

You have been assigned a research paper that is to be 4 pages in length. You must use academic writing , and your paper must make a point. For example, do not merely report what is. Take what is, analyze it, interpret it in light of a personal Christian worldview, discuss options and things you think should change, support your ideas, give alternatives to current practice and support them, and integrate material from the readings or from lectures. If you are of a different major taking this as an elective, integrate your field into this paper!

FORMAT: The paper must use APA formatting and be gender-neutral. It must use Times New Roman in 12 pt. font, and margins must be 1all around. The paper must be double-spaced throughout. It must include a cover page with the paper title, student name, course name, and instructor name. You must also include an Abstract and a References Page. These are not to be counted in the number of pages. There must be page numbers in accordance with APA guidelines. Use a minimum of 5 sources, both online materials and journals from the field (online or hardcopy).

I need and outline and an abstract which is why Im asking for 6 pages when the research paper is only to be 4