Nalyze sales tax for the state of Arizona.

Analyze sales tax for the state of Arizona.

Make sure you analyze every tax and other sources of revenue from the following perspectives:
o Yield
o Equity
o Economic Neutrality
o Collection Cost
o Transparency.
When you discuss these five criteria make sure you discuss not only the revenue sources themselves but tax preferences (credits, exemptions, exclusions, deductions, and tax margins) related to these revenue sources in your state.

You may find the report issued by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (and links provided by the report) helpful to find relevant information about tax preferences in your state: govs/
Use GDP deflator if you need to find real values. GDP deflator can be found in Table 10.1 here: Historicals
Another useful source should be the Department of Revenue in your state as well as other relevant web sites.

Please include sources.