Nalyze the Art Exhibit by Ken Ellis, Gathering.”

Please note that. The type of this essay is actually called Revealing Analysis Essayso basically, an analysis paper. Under the type, they didnt have option for Analysis Paperthats why I just chose EssayBut please keep in mind that the type of this essay is Analysis PaperAlso, this paper is for communication class. PLEASE, PLEASE READ THE DIRECTION AND PAPER GUIDELINE I POSTS VERY CAREFULLY! The instructor didnt actually make it. I made it based on what the instructor said and require. please keep that in mind. Also, Ive posted like 5 pictures with description except the Ken Elliss Gathering picture. Please include this painting for sure as one of painting sources. I want you to use 4 paintings (whichever you like) I posted 5 paintings and 1 class textbook sources! Thank you.