Nalyze the article, and write a 2-4 page critical report

Written Assignment
Select one (1) article from among the seven published articles listed at the bottom of this page. (All articles can be accessed in PDF format from VALE, using the EBSCO Academic Search Premier database.)
Analyze the article, and write a 2-4 page critical report (typed, double-spaced) in which you discuss what you think about the research presented. Be sure to include in your discussion answers to the following questions:
a? How applicable is the research?
a? How generalizable is the research?
a? Are the conclusions warranted?

a? Zgoba, K. M., Sager, W. R., & Witt, P. H. (2003, Summer). Evaluation of New Jerseys sex offender treatment program at the Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center: Preliminary results. Journal of Psychiatry & Law, 31(2), 133-164.

a? Carlson, M. J., Harris, S. D., & Holden, G. W. (1999, June). Protective orders and domestic violence: Risk factors for re-abuse. Journal of Family Violence, 14(2), 205-226.

a? Schellenberg, G., & Silver, C. (2004, Winter). You cant always get what you want: Retirement preferences and experiences. Canadian Social Trends, 75, 2-7.

a? Santo, C. (2005, June). The economic impact of sports stadiums: Recasting the analysis in context. Journal of Urban Affairs, 27(2), 177-191.

a? Moore, R. S., LeMay, S., Moore, M. L., Lidell, P., Kinard, B., & McMillen, D. (2005, Winter). An investigation of motorists perceptions of trucks on the highway. Transportation Journal, 44(1), 20-32.

a? Cordova, J. V., Gee, C. B., & Warren, L. Z. (2005, March). Emotional skillfulness in marriage: Intimacy as a mediator of the relationship between emotional skillfulness and marital satisfaction. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 24(2), 218-235.

a? Winickoff, J. P., Tanski, S. E., McMillen, R. C., Klein, J. D., Rigotti, N. A., & Weitzman, M. (2005, April). Child health care clinicians use of medications to help parents quit smoking: A national parent survey. Pediatrics, 115(4), 1013-1017.