Nalyze the attached mini case from human resource point of view

Analyze the attached mini case from human resource point of view. (6 pages)
What is Case Analysis?
” A thoughtful and thorough examination of the facts at hand
 Identification of problem, challenge, or opportunity
” What is the main issue in this case?
 Identify the firm s vision, mission, objectives, and strategies
 Internal analysis
” Internal strengths and weaknesses
 External analysis
” Competition and industry
 Recommendations for action
” Recommend specific strategies and LT objectives and show costs vs. benefits
” Offer several strategic alternatives
” Recommend one alternative and explain why
” Recommendations must be based on facts and should not represent  gut-feelings alone!
You are not encouraged to collect information outside of the material found in the case
” Presentation (comprehensive?, interesting?, well organized?, questions answered adequately?, professional?)
” Written report (comprehensive?, well organized?, grammatically correct?, ample explanations?, thorough?, [proper]use of strategic management terminology, professional?, interesting?)