Nalyze the costs and benefits of Chinaas economic reforms in the last three and a half decades.

The question for this essay is Partial market reforms from the 1980s onward allowed Chinese leaders to experiment pragmatically with various different approaches to raising economic productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness. By the same token, however, partial, piecemeal reforms also created substantial wealth gaps, inequities, and opportunities for the a?rent-seekinga? behavior of opportunistic government officials, resulting in a significant rise in social unrest. Analyze the costs and benefits of Chinaas economic reforms in the last three and a half decades.”
I have 6 sources that are required to write this paper and you can ONLY use these sources. NO OUTSIDE sources please. My prof is SUPER critical about citation and plagiarism. ANYTHING you write MUST come from 6 sources I provide. Im telling this because I actually let this paper write someone and my prof regarded it as plagiarism because there was improper use of information and citation.
So basically the theme of this paper is to focus on Pros and Cons about the effects of Chinas economic reform. Please focus more than half of the paper on Cons of the reform. Xiaobo Lus article is very important and should be the major source to talk about corruption in China. His article points out the changing patterns of corruption in the cases of both individual officials and government organizations in relation to the economic reforms. For Dali Yangs article, please read only pg.150-160 where he talks about social problems the market reforms have given rise to. Barry Naughtons article gives you basic info. Benefits of reform can be found in Yeh Obriens article. Rowan Callicks and Tony Saichs articles are important too.
You can draw ideas and information as much as possible from the readings, but PLEASE PLEASE cite the PAGE NUMBER (I will check each citation if its used properly after I get back the paper!)
Please ask me any questions if you have. THANK YOU!