Nalyze the Current Presidential Campaign

1.Analyze the current presidental campaign and write a paper describing what you have found.
2.Select candidates for the presidency respresenting various political ideologies.
3.Your paper shoud include a titile page, an abtract, and references page the provides proper ciations in APA format for any source you use.
4.The main body should be no less than four pages no more than six excluding the title page, abstract, and references.
5. My three candidates are (Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama.)
Teachers Instructions
A. Start by explaining why you have chosen the candidates you are writing about.
B. Explain where each candidates stands on major issues.
C. Provide short digest of resent stories oon the campaign
D. Who are the main supporters of each of the candidates.
E. Explore how American citizens in general feel about the candidates.
F. Provide some insight into the style of campaigns run by each candidates.
G. Conclude with your thoughts on the campaign.