Nalyze the effectiveness of the current chain of Command and Control in achieving unified action

Please follow the guidance below. Do not use any Wikepedia reference all from great sources if you use more than the ones I have provided. Make the paper 800 words plus or minus 10%. This is a hard requirement. Joint Pub one can be downloaded from the internet. Just google it and it will come up.
Question One: Analyze the effectiveness of the current chain of Command and Control in achieving unified action. Based on this analysis, recommend changes to improve unified action. Detailed instructions below.
Joint Pub1, Doctrine for the Armed Forces of the United States describes the fundamentals of unified direction. It describes unified action as the synchronization, coordination, and/or integration of the activities of governmental and nongovernmental entities with military operations to achieve unity of effort. (See JP 1, Figure II-1 and Figure II-2). This question provides the opportunity to explore the inherent tension in the Chain of Command and Administrative Control between the Combatant Commanders and the Services. While the Service Chiefs do not have operational command of deployed forces, they are responsible for providing them. This question also provides the opportunity to look at the current organization, roles and relationships as they apply to conducting effective interagency operations. The readings in Block 1 will provide enough information to answer this question. However, you are free to use outside sources and references. This question asks for your professional opinion, based on a comprehension of the fundamentals of joint doctrine as well as an understanding of chain of command and administrative control, the roles, relationships, functions of the CJCS, JCS, Combatant Commanders, Secretaries of the Military Departments and the Service Chiefs. This question refers to the  chain of command and control per JP1 Figure II-2 and not the individuals currently occupying positions in the chain. In your argument, you will need to assess the current chain of command/control and provide a logical position for either change or the status quo. Look at any proposed changes in light of their potential to improve unified action. Cite all references and sources