Nalyze the impacts of liberalization policies of the 1990s

Analyze the impacts of the liberalization policies of the 1990s on major macroeconomic indicators. Follow the studies we covered in class : Bulmer Thomas on Latin America and Josef Badra on E. Europe. Acquire more recent information to be able to analyze the long run impacts; these articles stop on the late 1990s. You do not have to do all countries, but those that you find data for. Start with the original tables from Badra for E.Europe. For Latin america build equivalent ones. Analyze the impacts on main economic indicators (GDP, consumption, investment). If you find other indicators, such as poverty and inequality, get them. Discuss the impacts and the expected results from liberalization. Did liberalization work? How much? For whom?
This is a suggestion. Remember, the papers is yours, and you have to show that you have learned the topic, and have an opinion about it. This opinion must be supported by data. I will not accept opionions without information to support it.
The following framework is intended to help you, but you should do your own work. The only requirement is that you deal with the topics above. The study can also concentrate more in one of these topics or region.

1. Background on the two regions: their past, etc.

2. Need for reforms

3. Nature of reforms: which kind of reforms were used? Explain

4. Impact of these reforms on LA and EE in terms of macroeconomic indicators performance:

GDP growth





Other indicators you find available

5. Conclusions