Nalyze the Japanese-American Internment (War Relocation Camps, 1942) in the years of WWII.

a? 4 full pages in length
o That does not mean 3 A?.
o Footnotes are a must
o Use Chicago Manual of Style
a? Times New Roman Font, Size 11 or 12
a? Double Spacing
a? No heading on the paperi?? only your name on the first page.
a? You must use at least 6 sources for this paper, including one JSTOR and one primary source.
a? cannot use internet sources, unless it is a primary source or online newspaper or magazine (such as New York Times online or Time Magazine online).
a? Have page numbers.
a?separate bibliography page

When you finish writing your paper , i would need several things from you please:

-A typed bibliography and assessment (summary) of two of the sources

Typed detailed Outline

Thank you, feel free to text me if you have any questions
This assignment is really important to me