Nalyze the poem Theme for English B by Langston Hughes

TASK: Write a concise critical analysis of one element of poetry on the poem Theme for English B by Langston Hughes. Focus your paper on how speaker, form, tone, figurative diction, or imagery and symbol reflect the poems theme.
AUDIENCE: Academic w/ English expertise

DICTION: Semiformal to Formal

FORMAT: Response first draft must be written in class in blue or black ink, double-spaced, with MLA pagination and header. You will submit this draft the next class meeting. You will submit a revised/edited draft for grading to ANGEL before coming to the next class.

1. engaging title, Lessons is the title

2. well-developed introduction w/explanation of theme and elements,

3. 1 3 body paragraphs with smooth transitions between and within,

4. use of textual support with proper documentation and smooth integration,

5. use of poetic diction throughout your analysis,

6. well-developed conclusion with engaging concluding appeal, and

7. appropriate works cited page.


1. Select a poem; choose one element of poetry to focus your critical perspective on.
2. Then create a thesis statement that shows how that element reflects the poems overall meaning (theme).
3. Be sure to select sufficient quotations from the text to prove your analysis is valid. You should not quote entire stanzas. Plus, you should not quote more than two lines at a time, but you will choose words or concise phrases that act as evidence to support your thesis. Use parenthetical references and cite poetry by the line number the text appears in.
4. Make sure not to start or end a paragraph with a quotation; every time you quote the text, you must analyze it in your own words and provide the connection from that example to what you say in your thesis.
5. Your introduction and conclusion should be well-developed and avoid trite expressions; in addition, no material from the poem should be quoted in either paragraph.