Nalyze the political legacy of John A. Macdonald.

Analyze the political legacy of John A. Mcdonald.

That is the essay question.

I need at least 6 sources in my paper.

a? Clear, strong thesis development; the thesis, argument and content anticipates and accommodates complexity. Thesis statement is not merely descriptive and provides a strong argument.
a? Strong evidence of critical, analytical and even original thought: the essay does not merely describe the topic but provides a significant amount of analysis and a superior understanding of the subject matter.
a? Good organization: paragraphs and sections of the argument are structured and linked logically and fully integrated into overall argument; essay is structured as an argument, not as a summary or narrative description.
a? Clear evidence of extensive research based on a minimum of six scholarly sources.
a? Excellent documentation of sources; either MLA or traditional endnote format is used correctly throughout the essay.
a? Superior written use of English language; writing is concise and unmarred by occasional errors and vocabulary is adequate for the level of analysis.

That is the criteria in how my teacher marks it.