Nalyze the social implications of John Maynard Keynesas and Friedrich Von Hayekas economic theories.

recall that, while Keynes recommends that governments intervene in the market in order to regulate it, Hayek opposes government regulations. Deeply concerned about the rise of Fascism, Keynes contends that, in order for freedom to endure, governments should create an egalitarian society by curbing capitalist exploitation. Such a project, he argues, requires that governments institute social programs that help the underprivileged members of society. Hayek, on the other hand, rejects social programs on the grounds that they curb the freedom of the market and because they would ultimately create a communist system. a? Your paper must be at least 1000 words and single spaced a? Include a clear thesis statementa? Quote Phelpsas a?Keynes vs. Hayek,a? Stiglitzas a?The Evils of Unregulated Capitalism,a? and Commanding Heights or Inside Joba? Make sure that each paragraph develops one central ideaa? Use transitions to create a cohesive essay and integrate the quotes