Nalyze the work according to pyshcoanalytic criticism and feminist criticism

Your thesis should tell us HOW those two forms you have chosen help interpret the work for your readers. What do they illuminate in the text that might otherwise not be noticed by a reader? The body of your essay should include a summary of the work itself, a short explanation of each form of literary criticism you have chosen, a clear analysis of the text using both forms (or i??lensesi??), and a conclusion that ties this all together. You may draw upon reliable sources that use these same methods of literary criticism, as well as other outside sources that support your thesis, such as historical information, background on the author, the authori??s other writings, and so on. There should be at least SEVEN external sources besides the work of literature you are analyzing. USE THE TWO FORM OF CRITICISMS GIVEN IN THE TOPIC.

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Happy Endings by margaret atwood is the story