Nalyze Walgreen retail stores financial statements and compare to CVS.

Please see the attachment for all the details and adhere to it and please make sure all the slides fulfill the details as given in the attachments. I will be online and let me if you have any questions. Also I am assuming this will be 12 slides. I also need a bit of an explanation in the notes page ie what the slide is about just a brief note is fine.
I. Introduction

II. Firm, Industry and Environment (please be brief, this IS a finance and accounting course not a history class!)

A. Description of firm and its management
B. Discussion of the competitive environment
C. Economic climate and outlook
D. Other factors as appropriate, e.g. governmental regulations, labor issues, litigation pending

III. Evaluation of Financial Statements (note key word is a?evaluationa?)

A. Overview
B. Short-term liquidity
C. Activity Ratios
D. Financial Leverage (Debt Ratios)
E. Profitability and Market Ratios
F. Common-sized Income Statement and Analysis
G. Discussion of the Companyas capital structure

IV. Outlook, Summary and Conclusions

A. Outlook for performance (investment potential, credit assessment, etc.)
B. Strengths
C. Weaknesses
D. Summary and Conclusions

V. Appendix