Nalyzes Communication between two Charcters in the Sound and The Fury written by William Faulkner

Submit a written paper of 1,000 to 1,500 words that analyzes communication in The Sound and The Fury. Your options for topics are listed below:

i § Analyze the communication between two characters in the novel. You may zoom in on a specific conversation, or you may consider how two characters communicate throughout the story.
i § Analyze how Faulkner uses a particular characteras voice (e.g. that characteras style of language) or a particular literary technique, such as the use of separate narrators with dramatically different styles or the use of fragmented chronological order, to communicate with the reader. What is Faulkner trying to accomplish?
i §
All of the above topics will require you to have a strong and clear thesis, which you support throughout the essay, and to apply some of the ideas about communication weave discussed in class to your analysis. There are many ways to apply theories of communication to your analysis. You could use a particular model to break down the components of communication in the novel, to identify barriers and their sources, or even argue that the communication in the novel has features that canat be explained using any of the models weave discussed, among other possibilities.