Nalyzes the theme or an appeal for the product to the specific target market and the desired response.My organization is Metropolitan Opera company.

Advertising Appeal
Using the AIDA model show how the advertisement will:
Get attention
Hold interest in the product
Arouse a desire for the product
Obtain an Action
What type of appeal does the company use and why? (Rational appeal, Emotional appeals, Moral appeals, etc.)

Media Channel
For each category provide an analysis of list an example of the channel used. For the non personal channel list at least two examples that are appropriate with the product. Include in this list information on:
Name of the channel
Cost of placing advertising with the channel
The potential reach of the media

Personal communication channels: Person to person communication controlled by the company. These include: independent experts, reference groups, etc. (look at reviews, references, etc.)
Word-of-mouth influence: cultivating opinion leaders to create promotional information (buzz marketing)
Non-personal communication channels: Messages without personal contact or feedback, including media, atmospheres, and events.
Media channels including print media (newspapers, magazines, direct mail),
Broadcast media (radio, television),
Display media (billboards, signs, posters),