Nalyzing a Vogue advertisement from a semiotic perspective

These are the professor instructions about the descriptions of the paper: You must write a final, argument-driven synthesis paper. The synthesis paper will synthesize two or more substantive concepts covered during the semester, and show how your synthesis could be applied to a topic relevant to an issue or controversy concerning semiotics.The successful final draft will include, all in the same file, the following: an introduction that states a problem, explains its significance, and clearly states a central thesis; an explanation of each theory or concept covered in the paper, with appropriate citations; three to five (3-5) paragraphs (paragraphkey statement, plus 3-5 additional sentences) with each paragraph advancing and developing the central thesis; a conclusion that reconsiders (as opposed to restating) the central thesis in light of the body of the paper; and a works cited page that demonstrates the breadth and diversity of sources used in the paper. The final paper will be evaluated on the basis of its relevance to a topic concerning semiotics; the substance and significance of the thesis; how well the paper engages the theories and concepts discussed; the thoughtfulness and originality with which the paper synthesizes these concepts; the overall structure, readability, clarity, and effectiveness of how well the paper advances its argument; and the ability of the paper to draw from multiple theoretical perspectives. With regard to the last criteria, make sure you can demonstrate that your list of sources used in the paper can demonstrate how you were able to engage with multiple perspectives.

I already picked a topic and I wrote the proposal, I chose the 2 concepts that I will use for analyzing the Vogue advertisement, I already found some sources but into addition I need 5 more sources, and I also wrote a sample paragraph from the body of the paper. Please include all the work I did so far in the actual paper. I will upload all these information in my personal account. Please let me know if you have any questions. I need this paper to be well done and to satisfy all the professors instructions.
Thank you.