Nalyzing and Addressing Audience-Memo for technical Reporting

Scenario: assume that you are attempting to encourge people to visit a new luxury vacation hotel. You have 2 audiences to whom you must communicate: business people who want to stay in touch with the office even while on vacation and parents vacationing with small children.
Step 2: analyze your audience: What assumptions can you make about your audience? For instance, what is the age, educational level, income level, interest level, reading ability, knowlege level, etc. of the audience with which you are attempting to communicate? Summarize your analysis in a section of the memo to instructor. Instructor looking for detailed, thoughtful analysiis ising the characteristics addressed.
Step 3: Describe your approach. Given what you know about your audience and what you know about your purpose (encourging them to visit luxury hotel), explain in detail how you plan to achieve your purpose and reach this audience. What communication channels (letters,Internet communication, radio msgs, TV ads, face to face mettings, etc.) will you use? what tone will you adopt, how formal will your language be, what kind of grpahics will you use, and so on? The instructor should have a CLEAR idea of the approach you would follow.

**These are the instructions typed from the assignment sheet. Needs to be 1 page memo inlcuding all the detail from above instructions.

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