Nalyzing and Critiquing a Social Paradigm

i choose the social paradigm is the first generation immigrant from China to US. Please Pretend you are an immigrant from China then use the below instruction to evaluate this social group. btw, I dont need the introduction!!please start straight from the first negative affects of the first generation immigrant.

The evaluation portion of your paper follows your analysis immediately, with no page break or subheading; the evaluation starts in the paragraph right after the last paragraph of your analysis, in other words.

You will present THREE different weaknesses or negative effects. These are your opinion that you state about this paradigm. I do not want you to discuss the Truthor Falsehoodor the validity or absurdity of this social paradigm; I instead want you to address the paradigmas effects on its members, psychologically (emotional well being, stress level, personal satisfaction, quality of relationships such as family, marriages, friendships). Separate your evaluation points into separate paragraphs. And if you have more than two or three weaknesses to discuss, by all means include them.

Be sure to explain and support your opinion with reasons and examples. These paragraphs may be fewer than those in the analysis, but this critical evaluation is key to showing me your level of independent and critical thinking, so devote proper time and detail to your reasoning here.

In direct response to your negative critique points, offer proposals for reforming or correcting those problems. Explain why your proposal will make the paradigm better. Be specific, be realistic, and be constructive.