Nalyzing and Recommending Best Buy in CrisisCase

This mid-term is a take-home analysis that is worth 20% of your course grade. You will be asked to read a case the case, Best Buy in Crisis then submit a 5-page written analysis and recommendations. Do not refer to any additional sources of information. All the information you need is contained in the case.
Written Analysis: Assume that you have been hired by the CEO of the company described in the case to help him/her decide what he/she should do about the strategic issues facing the company. Your task is to identify the problem to be solved, perform the needed analysis using the case information, develop strategic options, choose the best one, develop recommendations to execute it, and draw financial implications.
You deliverable is a 5-page report communicating your analysis and insights and persuading the CEO that your recommendations are worth adopting. The first page should be a memo to the CEO where you identity the strategic issues and the problem to be solved, and note your key insights and recommendations. The remaining four pages identify the strategic issues in the company and problem to be solved , describe the necessary analyses and conclusions, and present recommendations and implications. Do whatever analysis is needed to solve the problem you have identified. You are not limited to what you have learned in this course. However, dont gather any additional data.The cover page and exhibits do not count towards the 5-page limit.
Keep at least 0.5-inch margins and use a font size of at least 11. The memo(which is the first page) can be single-spaced but at least 1.5 line-spacing for the remaining 4 pages. If needed, you can refer to case exhibits in your report without having to reproduce them. You can create additional exhibits if you find them useful.
I have the case but I was wondering how can I send it to the writer. Is there a place to upload it?