Nalyzing background of employee for leadership experience

Analyzing background of employee for leadership experience:

John had been an acting lead foodservice utility worker and the evening closer in a large kitchen of a lunch service cafe. As acting lead, John coordinated the cleaning of kitchen and final dishwashing. As the evening closer, John is responsible for resetting the kitchen for the next business day.

John had been front operator at a distribution center on an automated assembly line that packages the final products for merchantability. As front operator, John had a computer terminal that stepped the automated assembly line from rest to production at the start of the shift. He stepped the automated assembly line to back rest for lunch, breaks and the end of shift. He read and delegate the problem codes that halted the automated assembly line, for the problem was handled by a team member on the automated assembly line or referred up to the floor supervisor.

John participated in the state convention of a political party during the presidential election year cycle and was on a delegation that selected one person as delegate for the national convention and one person for that electoral college slate for that party should that candidate of that party received the electoral votes of the state. John was recruited during the state convention for a candidate development school held at a leadership institute in Arlington, Virginia, that trained him to act on the behalf of local and regional candidates as a liaison between the campaign staff member, interns, volunteers and key stakeholders.

Evaluation Assignment:

Part 1: Briefly discuss each of these three experiences telling why those experiences would suggest a growing (or leadership) experience and made such an impact.

Part 2: Of the three experiences from above, please discuss why a particular experience was important and support your ideas and findings, citing at least two peer-reviewed articles in APA 6th edition format.