Nalyzing English block printing of the 18th century

this dissertation must be academic, double space, must have a bibliography and footnoted research references, images as well as text must be referenced.
sources from: websites, books and articles, all the references should be from the 18th century and from art printed textiles history.
Those ones listed below must be included.
1. A HISTORY OF PRINTED TEXTILES(block, roller, screen, design, dyes, fibres, discharge, resist, further sources of research), by Stuart Robinson, First Published in Great Britain 1969.(pages 7-24 including images if possible)
2. PRINTED TEXTILES English and American Cotton and Linens 1700-1850, Florence M. Montgomery, Thames and Hudson, London,First Published in Great Britain in 1970.( From this book any chapter can be used, except sections 3 and 4 from Part 1) Include images if possible.
3. ENGLISH PRINTED TEXTILES 1720-1836, Publisher: Her Majestys Stationary Office 1960. (this book can be obtained from the Victoria and Albert Museum, include images)
1. JHON BAPTIST JACKSON IN SCOTLAND, BY Adolph S. Cavallo, The Art Bulleting(i obtain this article from
2. ENGLISH TEXTILES SWATCHES IF THE MID-EIGHTEENTH CENTURY, by Florence M. Montgomery, The Burlington Magazine, 1960, The Burlington Magazine Publication Ltd.