Nalyzing Ethical Scenarios & Recognizing and Avoiding Bias

Part 1
Analyzing Ethical Scenarios

Writers need to anticipate and address any ethical dilemmas that may arise in their research.

a Creswell (p. 88)

Creswell, in the quote above, speaks about writers, but the same guidance also applies to researchers. The very nature of gathering data from and interacting with research subjects may reveal ethical issuesa some anticipated, some not. Your challenge as a researcher is to engage with and attend to those issues. In this Discussion, you will analyze an ethical dilemma and determine how best to address it.

For this Discussion, you will be assigned to a scenario found in the course text, On Being a Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research. You are responsible for answering the questions that follow your assigned scenario. This text is available either as a free download from or media segment(s) and use APA format.

a?During Writing a Please: for all parts of this exercise
a?Use introduction and conclusion paragraphs
a?Use topic sentences and other paragraph development strategies
a?Use transitions
Please endeavor to make the additional references current sources. Probably from 2007 a 2013.
Thank you!