Nalyzing media used by presidential campaigns

With the advent of television, presidential candidates have increasingly relied on the tools of fictional filmmaking (script, visuals, sound, editing, and performance) to distill major campaign themes into a few powerful images and sounds. Drawing upon the materials available on the American Museum of the Moving Imageas a?The Living Room Candidatea? website (http://

In doing your analysis of the social and political context in which the ads appeared, you should consult at least eight PRINT sourcesa sources that, even if they are retrieved from an online database, also exist in print. (You may not use the assigned readings in this paper.) In the paper itself, you should include at least four quotations taken directly from the sources youave selected. Your direct quotes should be no more than a sentence or two and come from four separate sources. Be sure to use a proper style for citing your sources and for your bibliography or list of cited worksa you are welcome to use MLA (in-text citation), APA (in-text), or Chicago (footnotes), so long as you use it correctly.

The end result of your research and analysis should be a well-organized, insightful paper that applies the concepts you have learned in class to the task at hand. The paper should be typewritten, double-spaced, with 12 point font and 1 inch margins. You are expected to meet minimum standards of college-level writing. Points will be deducted for unclear writing, poor organization, and errors of spelling and grammar. In general, you should seek to create an informative and persuasive essay that is solid both in its content and presentation.