Nalyzing the architecture of Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur

You are to write a 1500-word, illustrated critique of a building (Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur) that you have visited and holds as an example of high achievement in architecture. Size and age are not criteria for selection; the issue is quality, how it is defined, attained and communicated. A maximum of six illustrations are allowed for the written critique, four photographs of the building, it s setting and details, plus two illustrations for orientation purposes (plans/ sections). The word count should be given (text only, excluding  drawn critique ). Format A4.

The following format is to be adopted (sub-headings required):

a) Written critique:
Each essay is to start with the statement (maximum 50 words),  I believe architecture is about [& & ] and the building selected demonstrates these qualities to an exemplary degree. The following three questions should then be successively addressed in the ensuing essay:
What is it about?
How was it done?
Was it successful?

b) Drawn critique:
By means of sketches and diagrams (a la Ching, Baker, Pause & Clark, Unwin) you are to analyze the building project as an architectural statement, identify its strengths and weaknesses and make suggestions of your own for its improvement. 2x A4 sheets (illustrations and text do not form part of word and illustration count above).
Sources are to be recognized within the text