Nalyzing the cognitive, affective, and social characteristics of selected creative persons

Select 2 creative figures from TIME 100 Pioneers 2014.
Figures I selected: Beyonce and Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe.
Figures should be those who are recognized for their products, ideas, contributions, or performances.
1. Analyze the cognitive, affective, and social characteristics of the selected creative persons.
-Collect first-handed data as much as possible through interviews on the following aspects.
-Cognitive aspect: intelligence, school achievements. Speed and accuracy of learning, level of cognitive processing, use of metacognitive strategies.
-Affective aspect: task commitment, courage, resilience, self-efficacy, belief about intelligence, preference for challenging fast.
-Social aspect: isolated, sociable, communicative
-Environmental aspect: parents, teachers, mentors, family and school.
2. Please include the following in your report:
Review of Literature
The creative persons of a target for study
Research Methods (How to collect and analyze data)
Results: Description of characteristics: cognitive, affective, social aspects on each of the early, middle and later developmental stages
Discussion: Factors related to the development of creative problem solving ability
Number of words: 1,500-3,000