Nalyzing the conditions of oppressed women according to Simone de Beauvoiras perception

Discuss the following points according the Simone de Beauvoiras perception in the introduction a?Woman as Othera? of her book The Second Sex:

1) Define what is sexual politics ?
Discuss how the housewives are oppressed because they are considered unequal to their husbands because theyare dependent on them. Also, people in the society always refer a woman to her husband. For instance, a?this lady is the wife of Mr. Sama? and they donat mention her name, but the name of her husband. Therefore, there is a sense of sexual politics that acts against womenas recognition in the society.

2) What is gender?
Argue how there is a?one gendera?, in which many people donat consider women to be one of the two genders because they think sheas inferior to men.

Use 3 statements from the text.