Nalyzing the Efficiency and Competiveness of Operational Structures & Information System in Argos

Introduction of the chosen organisation: briefly introduce the company and its business type, scale, micro environment, critical success factor and any other relevant information

Current Operation Management (OM) of the company: Define OM and introduce the current OM of the company as how it takes place and also identify any issues that need to resolve for the competitive advantages

Current Information System (IS) of the company: Define IS and introduce the current IS of the company as how it works (particularly the enterprise architecture if it exists) and also identify that need to be resolve for operation efficiency and achieving the competitive advantage.

Make headings of important issues (3 to 6 major OM and IS issues) that have been identified (e.g Operational Strategy), analyse the current situation and evaluate solutions for better performance that can help to achieve/enhance competitive advantage

Recommendations and conclusions: Summarise findings and solutions