Nalyzing the Glass Menagerie ( Please analyze the characters internal and/or external conflicts)

1. Two references (parenthetical in-text citation) to secondary literature (online or print) in MLA style

2. Use atteched file ( such as citaion)

Totally, you need to use three references.
( from book, form article, and from cite)

This is instructors key features.

Key Features:

1.An introduction that leads gracefully to the thesis. Please make sure that your thesis will answer the central question you have asked about Glass Menagerie. Your thesis should be analytical and say in a nutshell what you wish to emphasize  your central idea, the point you want to make about your topic. Your thesis should be as specific as possible and foreshadow the body paragraphs.

2.The body should elaborate your thesis, providing evidence in form of textual support. The body paragraphs should be appropriately organized, including use of clear topic sentences. The paragraphs should be in logical order and use transitions to show links between ideas.

3.Analysis and interpretation that is supported with specific textual evidence from the drama (minimum four quotes or references to Glass Menagerie). Please document your source by using the MLA format (compare Rules for Writers).

4.Two references (parenthetical in-text citation) to secondary literature (online or print) in MLA style.

5.A conclusion that provides closure to the essay.

6.MLA Style (heading, margins, title, line spacing, page numbering, parenthetical citation, and a Works Cited Page).

7.Observance of the conventions of standard written English.

This is my thesis statement.

There is one main family in play  The glass Menagerie. They are Amanda, Laura, and Tom. In this play, the author is depicted each character s features. Amanda, would like to remind in her youth stories, and she likes to tell about that. Currently, she feels like not satisfy about her life. Laura, Amanda s daughter, is crippled, and she is extremely shy, and weak. She feels like crippled is a big deal around her situation, and her own thinking makes her can not be adopted in real world. Tom, Amanda s son, is only one who earns money for their family, and currently, he works a small warehouse. Actually, he does not want to work there, and he is eager to quit his job. However, he can not quit because he has duty for his family. Conflicting with his wish and duty makes him avoid in real world. Those each character has their own world, and sometimes, their conflict between external and internal make them do not to be adopted