Nalyzing the information on H5N1 available on the Center for Disease Control Website

Students will write a paper of high intellectual quality that has the following features:
Analytical rather than descriptive in nature
Professional in appearance
Proper citation and referencing formats
Papers will typically be 1-3 pages of text (Introduction through Conclusion) including the following:
Title page (author, course, title, date, 1 page)
Abstract (a comprehensive summary paragraph, less than 1 page)
Introduction (what is the paper about, why is it important, list specific objectives)
Approach (how will you accomplish your objectives?)
Results (what data are available, what do your calculations show?)
Conclusion (what do you conclude about your objectives based upon your results
The topic of the paper is to analyze the quality and quantity to date of information related to the outbreak and spread of H5N1 that is available on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website. This paper will be analytical, analyzing how relevant the website is, how useful it is, what the target audience is, and other analytical arguments a student wishes to discuss.