Nalyzing the issue of injustice in the United States, examine a current moral/social issue you believe is unjust.

You can choose the topic for this essay. Which current moral/social issue you believe is unjust.
The first source you need to use Martin Luther King Jr.s definition of injustice and call to break unjust laws from Letter from Birmingham Jail”
The others can be from books, .gov or .edu website.
A passing essay must:
Respond appropriately to the prompt/assignment with a clearly-stated thesis”
Develop and support the thesis with clear support/evidence”
This is a analysis essay, so you need to focus on analyzing the problem”
This essay must have logos, ethos and pathos”
P/s: The last essay I ordered from your website got a Dbecause it doesnt have a clearly-stated thesis. So I hope you will be focus on my essay please; I need an Aessay to pass my class.