Nalyzing United States Foreign Relations in regards to the Arab-Israeli Conflict

I have been working on this paper for months, and just cant seem to pull it together. I need a lot of help and guidance so that I can get this extremely important document to my advisor by March 20. The idea of the paper is something along these lines: The dissertation discusses the peace process over the Palestiniani Israeli Conflict and the U.S.s involvement in the process, taking a special interest in the the Oslo accords and the Camp David II meeting, and analytically explaining in depth why both of these have not worked. It is very important to also emphasize the U.S.s role in the Israel and Palestinian peace process ( sort of like the role of a mediator); which happens to be a difficult position when two such intractable enemies are facing off with each other and immovable or resistant to any agreement. I would also like to touch briefly on the role of the United Nations security council in the peace process and why they are proving to be an effective medium to use; and great tool that the United States could be using in thier peace efforts.

Requirements of the Assignment:

1. Title page, as per example. ( I wont need help with this one) …but, the rest I do.

2. Abstract or Precis of 100 to 200 words summarizing the hypothesis, the content of the thesis, and your major findings.

3. Table of Contents; acknowledgements if any; other front material if any.

4. Body of the thesis: divided into chapters. For most theses, the chapters should follow this outline:
Chapter describing the hypothesis of the thesis and presenting related material indicating the significance of the hypothesis and background material on the thesis, i.e., a literature search.
Chapters presenting data, facts, and analysis that support or disconfirm the hypothesis.
Chapters for evaluation of the data, facts, and analysis. Conclusions, proposals for the future, and statements on the significance of the thesis in light of the current literature in political science.
(All tables, maps, and other figures should be appropriately annotated. They should be cited and discussed in the body of the thesis.)

5. Appendix material should follow the body of the paper.
Footnotes: Using a standard system such as that in MLA Style Sheet, Turabian, Manual for Writers, Chicago Manual of Style, AFA Style, or that used in the American Political Science Review.

6. Bibliography: Again using a standard system.