Nalyzing Visual Elements of Arguments ( ethos, logos, pathos ) in ad

essay question is ( what does oreo ad want me to think ? )
I would give you link for the ad on youtube
or ideals. This means that your paper will not simply be a list of rhetorical appeals; instead, you are composing an argument that tells the reader why the advertisement was effective or not effective. The rhetorical appeals will be your evidence.

What Iam Grading On:
a? Your ability to argue convincingly. You must provide evidence from the specific ad.
a? Your ability to critically analyze the message(s). You must show that you have analyzed the effectiveness of the visual argument using rhetorical appeals and visual elements.
a? Your ability to organize your thoughts in writing. You must have an arguable thesis statement that serves as a guide to the rhetorical devices within the ad, clear topic sentences, logical transitions, a clear progression of ideas, and unbiased language.
a? Your ability to meet the assignment. It must be on time and meet the specifics below.

a? You must use at least 2 assigned readings to back up your claims.