Name it yourself as you pick a place to write, please see instructions)

Thank you for taking my essay.

Main Instructions:
In this essay, you will write about a place (a building, park, monument, graffiti mural, restaurant, library, museum, theater, tunnel, etc.) in New York City. You will pick a place that has CHANGED over time a place that has moved, or no longer serves the function it was built for, or is slated to be torn down, or has evolved into serving a surprising new role. In order to write a good essay, you probably need you do some research to the history of your subject and write an essay in which you tell its story. You will also make an argument about your subjectas survival in spite of the changes around it and to it: what does it say about the particular location and the city as a whole?

Further Instructions:
1) Please tightly follow the prompt I just gave above.
2) Show a good level of English writing and understanding since I ordered Graduate level.
2) Please use good vocabularies in the essay.
3) If you use any sources found online, you MUST cite in the last page.

My instructions are straight forward, please follow them and finish this essay punctually. If you have any questions, please ask, thanks.