Name of the issue youre going to choose)

Research and analyze a current issue in Canada and world politics. This issue must be of concern to Canadians, but should also be important in world politics. You may choose to look at your issue from the perspective of a Canadian governmental representative (provincial or federal), an IGO, a NGO or simply as a concerned citizen. This issue should be one that is still a concern, or has yet to be completely resolved. This written component must address a thesis and present the research that you have undertaken for your project. The work must be thoroughly referenced. This means both footnotes and a bibliography need to be employed. In your written component, you will need to present:

” The issue that you have chosen

” A thesis statement pertaining to this issue (i.e. you must choose a point of view to represent)

” The stakeholders who are involved

” The identified pros and cons of this issue

” Actions that must be taken in response to this issue

” Relevant treaties, conventions or other international agreements that are in use, or have been proposed

” Any other relevant issues and concerns

” Projections for the future