Narrative]A little learning is a dangerous thing.

Topic: A little learning is a dangerous thing.

-The five paragraph format uses an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs that support the thesis statement, and a conclusion paragraph.

* Paragraph 1 Background/Introduction to the situation.
* Paragraph 2 Action.. What happens?
* Paragraph 3 Apex Conflict
* Paragraph 4 Falling… the aftermath
* Paragraph 5 Life continues

-This is a narrative essay, so first person voice can be used. Avoid using second person unless it is in direct conversation with another character.

– Dont be afraid to describe the environment! Physical sight only grants one aspect. Include other sensations, such as smell and touch.

– Do not become so detailed that the purpose of the narration is lost.

Please use the narration checklist that I will attach it to you.