Natomy and physiology .The theory that underpins neonatal nursing.

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Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology The Theory that underpins neonatal Nursing (10-FEB-11 24-JUN-11) CH50001W_10-FEB-11_24-JUN-11 Assignments

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Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology The Theory that underpins neonatal Nursing (10-FEB-11 24-JUN-11) (CH50001W_10-FEB-11_24-JUN-11)

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Written Assessment
This module has one assessment which is a written essay of 3000 words.
This essay is applied to anatomy and physiology of the neonate.
You need toA choose a neonate from either special, transition or high depency care,A and demonstrate your underpinning knowledge and understanding of applied anatomy, physiology andA pathophysiology for your chosen infant.
To successfully complete this assignment you need to follow the following elements:-
Introduction (200 words) Your intension for the assignment.
Choose a neonatal patient to study that you have provided care for or an area that you are interested in to develop your knowledge. State your reason for choosing this particular patient (200 words).
Briefly outline the babys diagnosis and clinical history. this area should also include they type of delivery. Particular attention should be paid to critically analysising the babys clinical signs (300 words).
Critically review the normal anatomy and physiology of one system only, i.e.A  lung, renal or cardiac function in relation to your babys clinical condition. (400 words).
Critically analyse the pathophysiology in relation to your baby (600 words)
Evaluate if systemA immaturity has contributed to the effect of the pathological changes (100 words)
Critically analyse a series of observations and results from your chosen baby
These results shoud include –
PhysicalA Examinations
Arterial Blood Gases (if relevant)
Blood Results
Any other Investigations
Relate the interpretaion of these results to the babys underlying condition.
Evaluate the reason for any improvementA A or deterioration noted in the babys clinical condition.
ThisA information should be related to treatments thatA theA baby hasA received.
You must remember to maintain confidentiality at all times, in line withA the guidelines set out by the University.A A  (1000)
TheA essay must include a concise conclusion (200 words)
Total word countA 3000 .A A A